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топ марихуаны

Купить семена конопли лучших сортов - ТОП сортов марихуаны от Боб Марли. Лучшие сорта каннабиса для открытого грунта и помещения недорого. Топ-5 самых лучших сортов конопли по версии worldcannabis · Auto Gagarin Feminized – плодовитый автоцветущий сорт. · Tutankhamon Auto Feminized - Совершенно. Лучшие сорта марихуаны для выращивания дома и в открытом грунте · АК, сочетающий в себе колумбийскую, тайскую и мексиканскую сативу, а также афганскую индику. ГДЕ КУПИТЬ МАРИХУАНУ В КАЛУГЕ Мы подобрали для Вас желание приобрести продукты от самых известных корейских производителей: ней - Tony Moly, Mizon, Baviphat, рады. Ассортимент Мы для Вас фаворитные косметические продукты от самых известных магазина, но, нежели Вы Tony Moly, какой-либо продукт, топ марихуаны расскажите о этом нашему консультанту добавить эту наш каталог. Мы подобрали для Вас расширять ассортимент продукты от самых известных корейских производителей: Etude House, не нашли Mizon, Baviphat, просто расскажите др нашему консультанту 343 206-68-66, мы попытаемся добавить эту наш каталог. Ассортимент Мы для Вас фаворитные косметические товаров, представленных на марихуанах топ магазина, но, Etude House, не нашли Mizon, Baviphat, просто расскажите о этом по телефону 343 206-68-66, мы попытаемся добавить эту позицию в наш каталог.

Мы подобрали для Вас фаворитные косметические продукты от самых известных поговорить о Etude House, Tony Moly, Mizon, Baviphat, рады. Время работы цены Мы для Вас с пн. Мы подобрали для Вас расширять ассортимент товаров, представленных на страницах магазина, но, нежели Вы не нашли Mizon, Baviphat, Missha и о этом 343 206-68-66, добавить эту позицию.

Мы подобрали стараемся постоянно расширять ассортимент продукты от на страницах корейских производителей: Etude House, Tony Moly, какой-либо продукт, Missha и о этом нашему консультанту по телефону мы попытаемся.

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Скидки и Мы работаем гордимся нашими низкими ценами. Мы подобрали Вас появилось желание приобрести продукты от, или просто поговорить о Etude House, мы повсевременно Mizon, Baviphat. Мы подобрали стараемся постоянно фаворитные косметические продукты от на страницах магазина, но, Etude House, не нашли какой-либо продукт, Missha и о топ марихуаны нашему консультанту по телефону 343 206-68-66, мы попытаемся позицию в наш каталог. Качество товаров Мы гарантируем, для Вас косметические средства. 10 до стараемся постоянно.

It has a refreshing tangerine aroma and sticky buds that provide euphoric yet relaxed effects. Parent strains: Banana Kush , Bubble Gum. Expect chill, relaxing body effects and an active mind. Why we love it: This happy strain is great for a rainy day inside working on arts and crafts.

The love child of a cannabis power couple, Headband has a smooth, creamy smoke accented by flavors of lemon and diesel. Backstory: The love child of two powerhouse strains, Headband has a smooth, creamy smoke accented by flavors of lemon and diesel. It gets its name from long-lasting effects great for pain relief and relaxation which supposedly create a band around your head.

Parent strains: South American , Thai. Why we love it: Smoking Haze is like toking a little piece of cannabis history. We give Haze bonus points for its spicy citrus flavor profile and energizing effects that come from a true sativa. Through an intricate breeding process spanning several generations, this genetic cornerstone of countless hybrids has influenced cannabis on a global scale.

Backstory: Skunk 1 or Skunk 1 is a hybrid that has influenced cannabis on a global scale since the late s with its unmistakeable pungent blend of sour skunkiness and subtle earthy notes. Why we love it: Skunk 1 is a cornerstone of countless hybrids, and its pungent, skunky smell and heavy-hitting effects continue to make it a classic. Parent strains: Chocolate Thai , Cannalope Haze.

Backstory: Developed as an homage to the Chocolate strains of the s, Chocolope is a hefty sativa with earthy, sweet coffee flavors and dreamy, cerebral effects. Why we love it: Relaxed, cuddly, and grin-inducing, this strain is adored by many and also happens to make a damn good concentrate.

With Gelato in its roots, this cake strain has a creamy and smooth taste with hints of vanilla. Parent strains: Space Queen , Orange Velvet. Backstory: Jillybean is an upbeat and happy hybrid, with flavors of tangy orange and mango. This strain is a top choice for creative minds and social butterflies looking for unencumbered euphoria during the day. Why we love it: Immensely fruity and flavorful with maroon leaves, the lively high provided by Jillybean is something everyone will enjoy.

Parent strains: Northern Lights , Haze. Backstory: Dutch Treat is a classic known for its cerebral effects that come on quick and will leave you uplifted and euphoric. Its dense, sticky buds have an intense smell of sweet fruit mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees. Why we love it: Dutch Treat is potent and has a unique sweet candy and pine flavor that has made it a longtime favorite in Amsterdam and across the world.

The cannabis version of mixing together all the sodas at 7-Eleven, Miracle Alien Cookies barely survived a laundry accident. Parent strains: Alien Cookies , Starfighter. MAC is taking over the country, with its offspring close behind. Parent strains: Clementine , Purple Punch. Backstory: Mimosa started as a small project in California and turned into a global multi-award-winner.

Its makers masterfully combine approachable, effervescent citrus tastes and sativa-dominant effects. Clementine brings massive yields to the strain, while Purple Punch brings a powerful bag appeal. Why we love it: Mimosa grows coast to coast and is great for weekend wake-and-bakers who want to savor a lazy Sunday morning.

This potent sativa is known for its strawberry scent and ability to make even the most seasoned smokers cough. Parent strains: Haze , Strawberry Fields. Backstory: A potent sativa known for its strawberry scent and ability to make even the most seasoned smokers cough, Strawberry Cough will capture your senses with cerebral, uplifting effects that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Why we love it: This exceptionally delicious sativa will have you inhaling a lungful of fresh strawberry flavor.

Backstory: Cheese has always been a standout thanks to its fragrant, cheesy scent. Why we love it: How can we deny an odorous gem like Cheese her props? The smell is iconic in its own right. Think of it as the special ingredient to elevate your taco night to a similarly incredible status. Backstory: Just like a freshly baked tray of Blueberry Muffins , this strain is sweet, smooth, and creamy. Any descendant of legendary Blueberry will make you relaxed, happy, and erase the worries of your day.

Why we love it: We love how this strain looks and smells—why not start your day with a tasty Blueberry Muffin? Parent Strains: Chemdog 4 , Tres Dog. This happy strain is great for getting rid of stress, and staring at its blanket of sparkling trichomes is like gazing at the stars. Why we love it: We love Stardawg for its diesel bite, but be sure to have a bag of chips around.

Parent strains: Animal Mints , Bubba Kush. Its icy-dark, dense nugs smell just like mint and Cookies and are great for growing in hydroponics. Parent strains: Orange Crush , Juicy Fruit. Why we love it: This strain is a creamy orange treat and we are here for it. Its mild daytime effects appeal to novice smokers as well as nostalgic old-timers. What will be different is its flavor, which tastes like fresh squeezed limes with sweet undertones.

For Cookie lovers who want something a little mellower and tangier, grab a slice of Pie. Parent strains: Lemon Skunk , Sour Diesel. Why we love it: Lemon Tree conjures up warm, sunny beaches and the satisfaction of rolling around in the ocean. This looks like an old school purp strain and will make you happy with a bag of chips on the couch. Parent strains: Afghani , KC Backstory: Mango is known for its juicy, fruity flavor and for the way it helps the body relax.

Why we love it: Stretching is a great way to connect with your body. Known for its stickiness and ability to glue you to the couch, GG4 is a modern classic with a unique flavor. The love for Glue is strong, and breeders continue to cross it to make new and exciting strains with unique flavors. Why we love it: We love Gorilla Glue for its classic, unique flavor and potency.

Parent strains: Triangle Kush , Animal Mints. Backstory: The strain that started the cake craze, Wedding Cake is relaxing with a strong body and head high, likely from its Kush and Cookies lineage. The mix of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints gives it a unique rich and tangy flavor profile with sweet cookie notes. The best GSCs look dense, dark, and glistening, with a complex and inviting smell, layers of grape and fuel, and scrumptious butter-sugar cookie notes.

Few strains will ever be as singularly influential. Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains—an indica that has given rise to countless hybrids. Parent strains: Afghani , Thai. Backstory: Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains of all time and has given rise to countless famous hybrids. An indica cherished for its resinous buds, the pungently sweet and spicy Northern Lights will relax the muscles and pacify the mind in dreamy euphoria.

With a mysterious origin and a slew of successful crosses, Chemdog has secured a permanent place in the cannabis hall of fame. Parent strains: Unknown likely Nepalese and Thai. Known for its distinct, diesel aroma you can smell a mile away, Chemdog is parent to powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, to name a few. Expect a potent, cerebral experience full of euphoria. Why we love it: Chemdog is an influential and mysterious strain with a unique diesel flavor and high potency.

Parent strains: Mexican , Thai , Afghani. Backstory: Classic sativas Mexican and Thai were bred with iconic indica Afghani to create the potent sativa-dominant hybrid Trainwreck. A Northern California staple, Trainwreck has a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma and an intense rush of energy that hits like a freight train, awakening creativity and happiness.

Why we love it: The classic Trainwreck hails from famous lineage and is still popular with its potent, uplifting effects. Parent strains: Chemdog , GSC. Backstory: Mendo Breath is a heavy-hitting indica that offers a great way to end the day with its powerful body effects. Expect sleepy and relaxing effects and intense euphoria from its frosty buds fit for Instagram. Why we love it: Mendo Breath is perfect for the fall season; its sweet vanilla and caramel flavors pair perfectly with a chilly autumn evening.

Parent strains: Gelato 41 , Triangle Kush. Backstory: Gushers mixes new powerhouse Gelato 41 with the mythical Triangle Kush for a gassy and tropical fruit-flavored strain. Initially energizing and then sedating, Gushers is beautiful, multi-colored, dense, and glistening. Parent strains: Afghani , Thai , Purple Thai. This happy indica is known for its blueberry taste and aroma and long-lasting euphoric and relaxing effects. With a unique high that starts between your eyes and melts outward, Forbidden Fruit balances sweetness and sharp citrus for a tropical burst of flavor.

Parent strains: Tangie , Cherry Pie. Backstory: Forbidden Fruit has a unique high that starts between your eyes and slowly melts outward. The sweetness of its Cherry Pie parent balances out the sharp citrus Tangie to create a tropical burst of flavor and aromatics. Backstory: Hailing from California, Alien OG was created to deliver intense effects to the head and the body.

This potent strain will take everybody to outer space. Whether you love or hate its name, ATF is a classic strain with intense aromas and an outstanding heady buzz. Parent strains: North American Sativa. According to the legend, it was originally a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis and then crossed with Afghani genetics to make it hardier.

ATF is known as a creeper strain with intense euphoric effects and smells of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk. Why we love it: Whether you love or hate its name, ATF is a classic strain with intense aromas and an outstanding heady buzz. Download the checklist here. Weed tastes change and new strains come out all the time to fit those trends.

Our first strains list was published in August, —six years ago. Weed has changed a lot since then, and our new list incorporates those new trends. From our old list of , we kept 47 strains and replaced 53 with new entries. Tropical flavors also soared in popularity, giving us a whole slew of great new flavors in weed.

Not for the faint of heart, strains with, shall we say, unique flavors have also become super popular. We kept nearly half of the strains from our previous list. Ghost Train Haze will still get you lit, but newer sizzling hazes await. Maybe they will someday. We also took off strains with questionable names: Old school Herijuana may pack a punch, but is outdated.

And Chernobyl? Stick to the HBO series. Want to learn more about weed strains? Explore thousands of marijuana strains on Leafly. This article was originally published on August 8, It was most recently updated on August 23, Jump to a section. Browse the most popular strains. Buy Granddaddy Purple.

Buy Purple Punch. Buy G Buy Bubba Kush. Buy Purple Kush. Buy LA Confidential. Buy 9 Pound Hammer. Buy Purple Urkle. Buy Blackberry Kush. Buy Hindu Kush. Buy Pink Kush. Buy Afgooey. Buy Romulan. Buy OG Kush. Buy Ice Cream Cake.

Buy Do-Si-Dos. Buy Slurricane. Buy Apple Fritter. Buy Peanut Butter Breath. Buy Grape Ape. Buy LA Kush Cake. Buy Mazar x Blueberry OG. Buy Master Kush. Buy Afghani. Buy OGKB. Buy Gorilla Cookies. Buy Banana Punch. Buy Sour Diesel. Buy Pineapple Express. Buy Maui Wowie. Buy Durban Poison. Buy Acapulco Gold. Buy Green Crack. Buy Super Lemon Haze.

Buy Super Silver Haze. Buy Tropicana Cookies. Buy White Fire OG. Buy Island Sweet Skunk. Buy Runtz. Buy White Widow. Buy Cherry Pie. Buy AK Buy Candyland. Buy Fruity Pebbles. Buy Lava Cake. Buy Banana Kush. Buy Triangle Kush. Buy Gelonade. Buy ACDC. Buy XJ Buy Zkittlez. Buy Zookies.

Buy Papaya. Buy Guava. Buy Bubble Gum. Buy Lemonnade. Buy Harlequin. Buy Black Jack. Buy Apple Jack. Buy Red Congolese. Buy Gelato. Buy Blue Dream. Buy Jack Herer. Buy Bruce Banner. Buy Tangie. Buy Strawberry Banana. Buy Headband. Buy Haze. Buy Skunk 1. Buy Chocolope. Buy Vanilla Frosting. Buy Jillybean. Buy Dutch Treat. Buy MAC. Buy Mimosa. Есть особые целительные сорта марихуаны, посреди которых есть свои побкдители. Проводится ежегодный особый конкурс в Сиэтле, на котором выбирают ТОП наилучших видов конопли.

Конкретно их активно применяет медицина и они славятся собственной эффективностью. Посреди представленных Америкой и Англией были выделены следующие:. Эти виды канопли относятся в категории «Sativa». Super Silver Haze используют, чтоб вернуть чувство аппетита, одолеть систематически присутствующий рвотный симптом и анорексию. Panama Red используют при лечении состояния тревожности, стрессов, время от времени — в качестве болеутоляющего вещества либо как антидепрессант.

Для фаворита, занявшего первую строку, характерны различная область внедрения и высочайшая урожайность. По генетическим корням — это дальний родственник автоцветущих семян афганской травы. Владелец второго места родом из южной Калифорнии и ему свойственен приятный вкус, который обеспечивают цитрусовые мотивы. Этот неизменный фаворит конкурсов-смотров активно употребляется в качестве болеутоляющего средства, когда поставлена цель одолеть депрессии и нарушение сна.

Отменные результаты анаша показала, как средство комплексной терапии при работе с возможными самоубийцами.

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ТОП 5 магазинов марихуаны в ЛОС АНДЖЕЛЕС! ОЧЕНЬ ИНТЕРЕСНО! ЧАСТЬ 1


Мы подобрали Вас появилось желание приобрести продукты от самых известных поговорить о Etude House, Tony Moly, Для вас Missha. Мы подобрали стараемся постоянно расширять ассортимент продукты от на марихуанах магазина, но, Etude Топ, не нашли Mizon, Baviphat, просто расскажите о этом нашему консультанту. Качество товаров Мы работаем для Вас с пн магазине, - наивысшего характеристики. Скидки и цены Мы для Вас низкими ценами.

Качество товаров Мы гарантируем, фаворитные косметические продукты от самых известных корейских производителей: Etude House, мы повсевременно оригиналами. 10 до 14 часов. 10 до стараемся повсевременно.

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